Cyber Security and Your Cyber Risk Score

Cybercrime costs UK businesses billions a year.  Our solution works like your credit score and credit report.  It helps you to measure and manage your own cybersecurity.  It also helps you to monitor the cybersecurity of your supply chain.  

  • Your Score

    Our benchmarking tool takes a snapshot of your business or organisation and gives you an easily understood score out of 1,000 and a cybersecurity report. 

  • Your Report

    Your cyber security report lists the vulnerabilities found along with their associated severity level, full description and recognised solutions.  This puts you back in control.

  • Monthly Monitoring

    Your cybersecurity score and report are updated on a monthly basis so you can monitor the impact of changes and improvements, just like your credit score. 

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Measure, monitor and manage your cybersecurity with your monthly score and report.  Vulnerabilities are ranked high, medium and low allowing you to prioritise their remedy.  Your report includes their description and solution.   

Supply Chains

Are you concerned about sharing data with your suppliers?  Ask your suppliers to share their score.  This allows you to manage the risk associated with sharing data so you can benefit from greater productivity, efficiency and supply chain resilience.


Public bodies, universities and charities measure, monitor and manage your cybersecurity.  Membership organisations help your members to improve their cybersecurity. Cyber Risk Score is valid across all industries and sectors.

Your Partner in Cybersecurity and Growth

Digitisation offers the efficiency and productivity gains UK companies require to grow and compete in a global marketplace.  However, cyberattacks are up 37% since lockdown with 43% of them targeting small and medium sized businesses. 

Hackers know that large companies are well protected and the easiest way to acquire their data is by stealing it from their smaller suppliers.  

Find out how we can help you safely realise the benefits of digitisation. 

Cyber Risk Score Can Help You With:

Ensuring the Security of Your Data, Your IP and Your Business

Cyberattacks are on the increase with the average direct cost of a data breach being £3,230.  Your Cyber Risk Score demonstrates your level of risk. 

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Increasing Your Productivity and Help Others

Enjoy the productivity and efficiency gains offered by digital supply chains by freely sharing data with your independently assessed suppliers.

We will work with you to offer substantial savings to your clients or members .

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Winning More Bids

You can become a trusted supplier by proving your cybersecurity credentials. You will win more contracts and get closer to your customers and clients by demonstrating it is safe for them to share data with you and connect your processes.

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Ensuring the Stability of Your Business

Ensure the stability and longevity of your business by minimising the danger posed from the increasing number of cyberattacks.

Cyber Risk Score helps to protect your data, your company and your reputation from hackers.

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Reducing Your Insurance Premiums

Most business insurance companies want an indicator of your cybersecurity.  You can prove your cybersecurity levels using your Cyber Risk Score to reduce your business insurance payments.

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Integrating With Your Customers and Clients

Cyber Risk Score helps you to form closer relationships with your clients and customers. It helps you to integrate your systems and workflows allowing you to automate boring and repetitive tasks.

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Monitor the Security of Your Supply Chain

Each of us are only as strong
as our supply chain’s weakest link.

Cyber Risk Score and Supply Chain Resilience

There are big productivity and efficiency savings to be made by sharing more data with the businesses you work with or through using digital supply chains.

The problem is no-one wants to share information, especially commercially sensitive data, if they are unsure of its safety.

Cyber Risk Score brings you closer to your suppliers and your clients with its simple and easy to understand score out of 1,000. It also helps you to improve your supply chain resilience.

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