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About Cyber Risk Score

Our mission is to make the world secure from cyberattacks. We do this by helping companies, universities, charities, councils, government bodies and other such organisations to identify the weaknesses in cybersecurity both internally and within their supply chains.
By protecting every company and organisation, no matter how large or small, data can be shared freely safe in the knowledge that it will be secure. This will lead to better decisions, increased efficiencies and improved productivity for the benefit of everyone- businesses, organisations and customers alike.
Based in Birmingham, Cyber Risk Score is the World’s first affordable cyber security scoring tool for assessing supply chains, smaller companies and public sector organisations. Cyber Risk Score was developed specifically to support small and medium sized businesses who require a cost-effective cybersecurity solution.

Existing cybersecurity solutions are too expensive as they have been designed for larger companies. By focusing on the needs of smaller companies, we have developed a tool which gives a snapshot of their cybersecurity level and associated recommendations.

It is also useful for organisations with supply chains who want to independently assess their suppliers so they know the data they share will be secure.

Our Core Values

We live by our core values.  These are:

  • Security

    We are focused on helping our clients and users to ensure the cybersecurity of their business and their supply chain. They can rest assured that we will continue to innovate and evolve to meet the constantly changing cybersecurity challenges.

  • Stability

    We understand the importance of stability to every business and organisation. We help eliminate those things which create instability such as information or IP being stolen, data being corrupted or unavailable, connections failing due to a breach etc.

  • Empowering

    We empower our clients and users to realise the full benefits available to them through digital supply chains. We empower our employees to make a difference both in work for our clients and suppliers and outside of work for their local community.

  • Results-Focused

    Ultimately, everything we do is aligned to create the right result for you. This is not just about improving cybersecurity across businesses, organisations and supply chains. It is about helping you to achieve the best results through sharing more information with your suppliers, partners and customers. Our directors and employees work hard so you can achieve better results.