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How it affects You and Your Supply Chain

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facts About Cyber Security

00 %

of UK companies have suffered breaches in the last 12 months


A small UK business is hacked every 19 seconds.


attempts to hack an SME in the UK every day

00 %

of UK companies reported a data breach incident to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in the past 12 months.


successful hacks every year (approx).

Why Do I Need Cyber?

Cybersecurity is vital for every business. This is especially true due to the growing importance of digitisation and digital supply chains in terms of improving efficiencies and increasing productivity.

It is also important that you know the cybersecurity levels of your supply chain or members before you share data with them. Hackers have realised that it is much easier to steal the information they want from smaller companies which are less well-defended.

The problem is that cybersecurity is perceived as being expensive. This is because most solutions are aimed at larger businesses which are complex and so require more in-depth investigation and assessment.

Other cybersecurity ratings with recommendations costs tens of thousands per year due to the complexity of large companies.

Our tool costs a fraction as it is aimed at assessing small and medium sized companies- not large corporates. It has many advantages over other existing solutions including:

It allows companies to assess their suppliers and associations to assess their members. This allows them to make informed decisions about what data to share.

It gives companies control over their cybersecurity as they can see what, if anything, needs to be changed. It allows them to show their cybersecurity is fit for purpose and it is safe to share data with them.


Quarterly Management Update on Cybersecurity

Half of businesses (51%) and four in ten charities (38%) update their senior management on cyber security at least quarterly.

Businesses Update

Charities Update

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“Cybersecurity ratings will become as important as credit ratings when assessing the risk of existing and new business relationships… Over the next five years, these services will become a precondition for business relationships and part of the standard of due care for providers and procurers of services.”



How Secure is Your Supply Chain?
Spot the Weak Links Before They Break

The Cost of Cybercrime

00 Billion

Total global spend on cybersecurity for 2019

00 %

increase in cost of cyber year on year since 2017

00 Trillion

The estimated cost of cybercrime through 2021

00 Million

Average cost of a data breach for a UK enterprise

Top 10 Most Valuable information to Cyber Criminals

  • Customer Information (17%)
  • Finanical Information (12%)
  • Strategic Plans (12%)
  • Board Member Information (11%)
  • Customer Passwords (11%)
  • R&D Information (9%)
  • M&A Information (8%)
  • Intellectual Property (6%)
  • Non-Patented IP (5%)
  • Supplier Information (5%)

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